ID.4 Electric Girl Directors Cut



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VW "ID.4" Directors Cut

This TVC has the goal of showcasing the new ID.4, the Volkswagen´s first fully electric drive SUV. A cute little girl is playing the electric magic that empowers the car to be charged and ready to hit the road. The creative mind of the girl makes her feel completely electrified by the energy and power of the car and so, in her playful moment, we show all sorts of lightning effects coming out from her hair and body as if she was the source of a majestic beautiful storm. Visually we were compelled to find a CG solution where the realism of how the electricity behaves and the magic world of superpower like for example in Thor, are met half way. Somewhere between very realistic, natural stormy lightning streaks with bits of glowing magical effects that makes it also interesting. We added lightning strikes towards the camera to add more depth as well as some ramifications and lots of small details, edgy shapes, a glowing effect and flares etc. The challenge in this production was to find a CG lightning FX solution on the fly as the decision to change from 2D to CG was made once the online phase had already started. On top, we had to find a way to fit the approach into a tight budget and timing. Though, once concept and style-frames were agreed on, we had a very good flow of the VFX production and were working on finding the balance of the amount of lightning effects we had and the increase in rhythm shot by shoot we were looking to have in the film as a whole.

Volkswagen AG
DDB Berlin
Markenfilm Berlin
Tobias Granström
Exexutive Producer
Thomas Bartl
Michael Tettenborn
Jann Doeppert
Stefan Ström
Postproduction + VFX
Sönke Heuer
VFX Producer
Sandra Eikel
Executive Producer
Olaia Casal
Philipp von Preuschen
VFX Supervisor
Jona Maluck
Alex von der Lippe, Markus Gratl, Tjurn Timm Marcel Lemme, Lukas Schwabe, Daniel Brylka, Eike Oetjen, Finn Vormbrock