Backstage 20 Years of sprinter

Mercedes Benz Vans


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Ever heard of the Anniversary Festival? For the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Edition Model, Hamburg creative agency LLR wanted to build a monument to the vehicle. For being such a workhorse. Directed by Juergen Nerger, Infected took over the complete production. The claim „Everybody parties, one drives“ was turned into a 69 second tribute to the car, created at a music-festival with 20.000 visitors, all shown in one excessive bullet-time moment.

Jürgen Nerger
Ian Foster
Steadycam operator
Peter Cavaciuti
Production Company
Henning Westerwelle
Producer Shoot
Nicolas Mirbach
Producer Assistant
Daniel Farkas
VFX Producer
Henning Westerwelle
VFX Supervisor
Markus Gratl
Art Direction
André Ljosaj
Markus Gratl
VFX Artists
Markus Gratl, Allegra David, Alexander von der Lippe, Daniel Brylka, Tjurn Timm, Dennis Tiedemann
3D Artists
Reinhard Preissner, Francesco Campobasso, Serkan Cesur, Ken Ismono, Fabian Schaper, Onni Pohl, Stefan Galleitner
Simone de Salvatore, André Ljosaj
Color Grading
Paul Breuer @INFECTED
Music & Sounddesign
BLUT GmbH Hamburg
Hannes Hönemann
Mercedes Benz Vans - Mark Schreiber, Jan Grindmann, Katja Best
Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
Executive Creative Director
Arno Lindemann
Creative Director
Philip Simon
Thorben Weide
Making of
Lukas Willasch

The Concert

Director Jürgen Nerger wanted to create a real music festival with all the small details you need to have along with it. Our concept artists created a whole CI and background story for this fictional event and even all of the tiny detailed designs for many of the backgrounds huts etc. were inspired by big festivals like the Tomorrowland festival or Roskilde.

The 3-days shoot and rehearsal took place on a soundstage in Bucharest. There were more than 350 extras on set and we Lidar-scanned the whole stage for tracking purposes. Crowd simulations were created with custom-made motion captured animations we did in our facility in Hamburg.

The Girl
Cheers Moment
The crowd
production and making of