Hanseatic Nature Virtual Reality VR Experience

Hapag Lloyd Cruises


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Über das Projekt

DE Für Hapag Lloyd Cruises entwickelten wir die erste VR Virtual Reality Kreuzfahrtschiff Kabine der Welt.
Kunden und Vertrieblern ist es somit möglich die Kabine und das Gefühl in der weit entfernten Destination zu sein zu erleben, obwohl das Schiff selbst sich noch im Bau befindet. Durch die Roomscale Technologie der HTC Vive können wir so Interessenten schon einen glaubwürdigen und komplett interactiven Vorgeschmack der Kreuzfahrt geben, die erst in Zukunft buchen werden.

About the project

EN For Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, we developed the world’s first VR virtual reality cruise liner cabin. This allows customers and sales staff to experience the cabin and what it’s like to be in a far-flung destination even though the ship itself is still being built. With HTC Vive’s room-scale technology, we can give potential customers a realistic and fully interactive insight into the cruise they will soon be booking.

Hapag Lloyd Cruises
Head of Sales Marketing
Stephanie Möller
Director of Sales
Carsten Sühring
Creation & VR Produktion
Henning Westerwelle
Client advisor
John Mecklenburg
Ulrike Kramer
Technical Director
Dennis Gabriel

The Showroom of the Future

With this groundbreaking presentation form, it is now possible for customers to board the ship and interact with their future cabin even though their cruise and the ship are still a long way off.

In this new type of showroom, the customer can take a look around and move around in a balcony cabin on board the HANSEATIC nature and explore the cabin wholly interactively.

The customer can explore the entire room, rearrange the cushions and test the TV’s ambient light at their leisure. They can also enjoy the view from the 6-square-metre balcony and get their first sight of their destination in the Antarctic. There is also the option of changing everything from a daytime to a night-time scene.


When it comes to interior design in particular, the VR experience is reliant on top visual quality and the immersive experience. The idea is that the user has the sense of being a long way away, somewhere completely different. For Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, we recreated the cabin down to the very last detail using the real-time Unreal Engine software in order for it to be experienced wholly interactively in top quality. This technology allows us to provide our clients with full flexibility and first-class visual quality. This is also backed up by sound design and atmospheric sounds.

Navigation is the Key

One of the biggest challenges with a cabin that’s more than 10 metres long is developing navigation that allows the user to move around the entire cabin smoothly in small ‘real’ spaces without this ever being confusing. It’s a system that the user absorbs organically and entirely automatically after using it once. We steered clear of the familiar method of teleportation, as this often leaves the user standing in a space confused, and instead came up with a new form of VR movement – the 180° turn.

the 180° turn

Smart Production - the INFECTED Realtime Analytics Toolbox™

One of the major advantages of the interactive VR experience is the ability to collect data.

For us, every VR experience is software that’s constantly undergoing optimisation. Together with the client, we can identify important insights and future optimisations based on the usage data, in order to make new experiences even more immersive and even more impressive.

Without collecting any personal user data or making links to users, we therefore track exactly how long the users remain in the experience for our clients, and also create a heat map of the areas most frequently viewed.

We collected all our smart production tools in our INFECTED Realtime Analytics Toolbox™

VR POV Walkthrough