Awesome Stuff June 2019


Unsere Auswahl von „Awesome Stuff“ aus dem Juni 2019. Kuratiert vom INFECTED Team aus Hamburg.

‘Welcome to Marwen’ – VFX Breakdown

Tolle Arbeit von Method Sudios – Robert Zemeckis challenged erneut den Status Quo von Motion Capture, Shoot, Miniature Work und CGI.


How Pixar´s Animation has Evolved over 24 years

From “Toy Story” through “Toy Story 4,” Pixar has revolutionized animation in its nearly three decades of existence. Each new movie requires new technical innovations. “Monster’s Inc.” helped them create fur, “Ratatouille” helped them create wet fur, and “Finding Dory” led them to create an octopus from scratch. In “Toy Story 4,” which comes out June 21, they updated Bo Peep, created Forky, and made perhaps the most realistic-looking cat you’ll ever see in animated form.


Louis Vuitton interactive Shopfront, Singapore Airport


Behind the Scenes: Audi ‘Synchronised Swim

Amazing Film the Mill created with BBH London and Director Johnny Hardstaff from Independent Films, this Audi campaign film beautifully shows that all Audi models have the same capabilities, tech and attitude.

How ‚Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse‘ Was Animated | Movies Insider



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